We create value through products that use raw materials and processes which help us reduce our environmental impact.

Working towards sustainability

Our goal is to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion industry. We make an enormous effort to find materials and develop production processes that are more environmentally friendly.

Join life

Our commitment to sustainability is a goal we work towards every single day so we can offer more ethical and responsible products.


We put our Join Life labels on those garments produced using raw materials and technology that help us reduce the environmental impact of our products.


We’ve developed a traceability scheme that lets us know exactly where and how our garments have been manufactured.


+ Committment to sustainibility

  • 100% of Zara’s logistics platforms, headquarters and stores will be eco-efficient
  • Expansion of’s online used clothes collection program
  • We’ve signed the Fashion Pact, an initiative promoting environmental sustainability in the fashion and textile industry
  • 25% of our garments will have our Join Life labels
  • 100% of the Group’s stores will be eco-efficient
  • Completely eliminate the use of plastic bags by our customers in the entire Group
  • 100% of the Group’s stores will have bins to collect used clothing
  • Eliminate single-use plastic items provided to customers
  • Zero waste sent to landfills from our facilities
  • 100% Green to Pack, a program aimed at redesigning all our packaging in order to make it more sustainable
  • 100% sustainable cellulose fibers
  • 100% more sustainable cotton: organic cotton, BCI and/or recycled cotton
  • 100% more sustainable linen: organic linen, European linen and/or recycled linen
  • 100% recycled polyester
  • 80% of the energy used in our stores, headquarters and logistics platforms will come from renewable sources

Our flagship stores are all leed certified

We are committed to using renewable energy and circular business models in our headquarters and logistics centers

More than 80% of our stores are eco-efficient. our goal is to reach 100% in 2020

We’re working hard to make our online platforms increasingly more responsible

We’re expanding our used clothing collection program

We want to reach our zero-emission goals